Brave Helpline

Who can contact the Brave Helpline?

Women in Singapore who identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex (LBTQI) and are facing distress or crisis can contact the Helpline. We also extend support to transmen, transwomen, and persons who identify as trans*.

Friends and family members seeking to understand and support LBTQI women are welcome to call us.

What is the Brave Helpline?

The Brave Helpline (+65 8788 8817) is a support helpline for women in Singapore who identify as LBTQI and are facing distress or crisis.

What are the helpline's operating hours?

Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 6.00pm, excluding Public Holidays.

What kind of support is provided?

The Brave Helpline is a safe, affirming and non-judgemental space for you. Your safety and well-being is of our utmost concern.

Our Brave Helpliners will listen to you, believe you and support you. We believe you will be the best judge of your safety, and will talk through your options with you.

Where appropriate, we will refer you to a local domestic violence support service or women’s refuge. We can also provide you with a range of information on finance, legal, and available social welfare services.

Here are some of the issues we can provide support on:

  • Process of understanding self in the face of discrimination or violence
  • Existential issues
  • Relationship matters
  • Uniqueness of different life stages
  • Someone to help you reflect on your thoughts in general areas of life
  • Resource giving, advice on state and civic resources
  • Parents seeking to understand a LBTQI child
  • Adult seeking to understand LBTQI parent
  • LBTQI adult seeking to build loving relationships with parent and grandparents
  • Currently facing a crisis
  • Needing a befriender
  • Support and assistance with making a police report or attending to an emergency matter

How often can I call?

Sometimes one call is enough, but at other times more than one call may be needed for support to be meaningfully felt.

What if I cannot get through / if the call is unanswered?

If you cannot get through to us, it may be because our Helpliners are currently taking calls from other women. We strongly encourage you to try calling again.

Is the Helpline free of charge?

Yes, the Brave Helpline does not charge you for your call. However, you may be charged by your telecommunications service provider.

Who are the Brave Helpliners?

The Brave Helpliners are a diverse team of well-trained, empathetic and caring professionals and volunteers. The helpline is staffed by women at all times.

Do you accept WhatsApp calls?

We do not take WhatsApp or over-the-top (OTT) calls at this point in time.

Do you return calls?

We may return calls if you provide your name and number in our voicemail.

Our Brave Helpliners may also call you back at a later time if we require more time to gather the necessary information to support you.

What languages do the Brave Helpliners speak?

The Brave Helpliners are a diverse team of individuals who can speak English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

All conversations will primarily be in English and you may request for a helpliner who speaks another language. If the specific helpliner is not available at the moment, we will arrange for you to call back at another time.

Do you provide email counselling?

We accept feedback and enquiries related to our Brave Helpline via email at [email protected] We will respond in 3-7 days.

We may advise on options and resources via email, and where appropriate, may refer you to relevant hotlines, face-to-face counselling, care centres, etc.

For women urgently seeking support and assistance, we strongly encourage you to call us instead. Our trained helpliners will listen to you and support you.

When was the Helpline launched?

2 May 2018, Wednesday.


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