Brave Spaces Launches: A Big Brave Thank You!

Brave Spaces welcomed around 50 guests at its inaugural launch event held on 10 March 2018.

We are very heartened by the support shown, and even more encouraged that many among them have offered their diverse expertise to help us grow our humble operations.

Brave Gratitude

We would like to give a big, Brave “thank you” to all who attended!

In case you missed the launch, our guests were introduced to the Brave team, who shared Brave’s upcoming programmes and services.

Self-Care Movement

Through collaborations, partnerships, and events, Brave Spaces aims to start a self-care movement for women in Singapore.

At different stages of our lives, we deal with varieties of anxieties and stress which affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

As we foster greater awareness, encourage holistically healthier mindsets and practices, we believe we can empower many segments of women, especially the multiply marginalised, to live life with happiness and dignity.

Here’s a TED Talk video on self-care:

Women of the Third Age

We have identified one area requiring greater attention, outreach, and research – Singapore Women of the Third Age.

In addition to the good work state and civic organisations have put into promoting active retirement and ageing in Singapore, Brave Spaces believe we too can play a part in creating an engaged senior citizenry.

This endeavour is multi-faceted. It includes reaching out to women who may be living alone; collection of data and research to understand the needs and struggles they may have; and developing collaborative programmes and solutions to alleviate some of these struggles; all the while empowering them as engaged members of the community.

Kopi Gao / Teh Si

Brave Spaces will also launch a series of informal meet-ups for women to chit-chat, network, and maybe learn something new. Each meet-up is based on a topic, and we may invite subject-matter experts to facilitate these sessions.


One of Brave Spaces’ focus areas is the capacities-building and provision of a helpline for LBTQ (lesbian, bisexual, trans*, queer) women.

Women in need, who also identify as LBTQ, may reach out to us via this helpline. Our trained helpline operators will provide you with the necessary support.

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