The Brave Dialogues: Braving Your Emotional Storms – 28 July 2018

In recognition of the importance of emotional wellness, Brave Spaces invited Porsche Poh of SIlver Ribbon Singapore to share her wealth of experience on mental health in our dialogue. With such stigma surrounding issues of mental health, how do we recognise conditions in the people around us, what are the common mental disorders, and where do we seek help?

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The Brave Dialogues: Talking Control of Your Health – 30 June 2018

Our first health dialogue (The Brave Talks: Taking Control of Your Health) saw an interesting and in-depth discussion into various matters. Here are useful and insightful takeaways:

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The Brave Walk 2018: FAQ

Ready to walk for the women who inspired or influenced you? Join the Brave Walk 2018!

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Here are the Brave Walk 2018 FAQs

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