“The test of a civilisation is how it cares for its helpless members.”
~ Pearl S. Buck ~

Brave Spaces for Brave Women

Brave Spaces is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that develops programmes, provides social services, organises events, and conducts research and advocacy to empower women in Singapore.

As a values-driven inclusive organisation, we work closely with professionals, state bodies and independent organisations to develop flexible and sustainable programmes adapted to the needs of our primary stakeholders – women of intersectional identities who are multiply marginalised.

We adopt a collaborative approach in building capacities and growing our shared networks of care, resources and support for women.

Brave Spaces was officially launched on 10 March 2018.


Courage for every woman in need


To be the catalyst of positive change for diverse women through services, research and advocacy

To promote dialogues and create inclusive movements that transform structures to achieve equality of dignity and well-being

Brave Principles

Brave Spaces serves all women through social services with an advocacy-based understanding of intersectionality, feminism, social justice, and community-centredness.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Moving from identity-based to intersectionality-focused services, research and advocacy
  • Inclusive feminism that is compassionate and supportive of the multiply marginalised
  • Social justice: Through recognition, redistribution, and representation, collectively work towards equality of dignity and well-being for women of intersectionalities.
  • Embracing collaborative, adaptable, community-centred approaches in nurturing and empowering women of intersectionalities

Advocacy-based Focus

Brave Spaces believes in advocacy-based social services. Set in either one-to-one, familial, or group sessions, these involve an advocate counsellor guiding a participant in safety planning, empowering the participant, and reinforcing her autonomy and self-determination.

Advocacy-based counselling adopts problem-solving methods, which include:

  • Identifying barriers to safety
  • Develop safety checking and planning issues
  • Clarifying issues
  • Systematically and holistically address problems
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Improving and implementing decision-making skills
  • Self-help and self-care

With an advocacy-focused approach to providing social services, Brave Spaces brings together advocacy skills such as safety and support, systems advocacy (e.g. housing, protection orders), navigating institutions, and resources and referrals; and counselling skills such as reflective listening, ongoing support for healing in trauma, rebuilding self-esteem, supporting with the identification of boundaries, clarifying expectations, negotiating conflict in relationships, and developing self-care skills.

We also believe in research and advocacy. Continuous data collection and vigorous research will help us better understand the realities faced by survivors and marginalised persons. With research grounded in these realities, we can provide recommendations to relevant stakeholders and address existing gaps and problem areas in supporting survivors.

You are welcome to get in touch with us or support us.

We develop programmes and services catered to the needs of different groups of women in Singapore. They presently include a helpline for LBTQ women, as well as meetups and events that bring diverse women together.


We regularly organise seminars, talks, and meetups to bring women together. Most of these events are theme/topic-based and sign-ups may be required.


In order to nurture more brave women in Singapore, we actively collaborate with researchers, collect data, and investigate focus areas that affect women of intersectional identities.


The Brave Team is currently looking for volunteers of all ages, to help us with the following:

  • Photography
  • Digital Marketing (Social media, copywriting/editing)
  • Copywriting, editing, proofing
  • Research

Volunteer now!

Brave Spaces is hiring for the following positions:

  • Coming soon. If you are interested in working for us, send us your resume, and we will be in touch with you if there is a relevant opening.

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