“Be kind to everybody so everybody is living happy lives and helping one another;
the strong helping the weak, the rich helping the poor.”

~ Elizabeth Choy ~

Brave Helpline: We are here for you

The Brave Helpline is a social service helpline that is affirming, empathetic, resourceful, and attentive to the anxieties and hopes of LBTQI women in Singapore.

We are here to listen to and support you to the best of our abilities. Get more information from the Brave Helpline FAQ page.

From 1 July 2020, the Brave helpline will be text-based. Reach us via WhatsApp message at +65 8788 8817 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 69pm.

Need for an LBTQI Helpline in Singapore

We recognise that LBTQI women are a marginalised group that is at a higher risk of sexual harassment, bullying, depression, discrimination and violence, due to their intersectional identities. These intersecting forms of discrimination are frequently absent in public discourse and may go unacknowledged in the wider women’s movement and even in the LGBT community.

Because of the uniqueness of LBTQI women with their specific aspirations and concerns, civic and civil organisations, including social service and mental health service providers in Singapore, are currently not able to adequately cater for these diverse needs. We aim to bridge these gaps by spearheading collaborative programmes with other groups and organisations to support this vulnerable group.

The Brave telephone Helpline is provided in collaboration with AWARE Singapore.

Confidential, Supportive, Affirming

Staffed by well-trained women professionals and volunteers, the Brave Helpline offers confidential information and support to women who identify as LBTQI.

The Helpline aims to empower women in crisis to identify what is happening to them and assist them in developing viable solutions.

The Helpline aims to at all times be affirming and helpful to callers.

The Helpline also acts as a referral to available resources, legal aid and relevant agencies, both statutory and voluntary.

Contacting us for the first time

We understand how daunting it can be to tell someone about what is happening to you. You might find it difficult to speak up and talk about the challenges or crises you are currently facing. Other women have shared with us that they were too afraid and ashamed to speak to anyone, including family and friends.

We are ready to reach out, give you time to speak, and will understand if you cannot speak today. Sometimes one conversation is enough, but at other times more than one may be needed for support to be meaningfully felt.

The confidential and anonymous nature of the Brave Helpline provides a safe, non-judgemental space for you to talk about your experiences.