Moving towards a decade of healthy ageing – From evidence to action

In our quest to empower women to live full, meaningful lives, Brave Spaces attended the 14th Global Conference on Ageing in Toronto, titled “Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing – From Evidence to Action” organised by the International Federation on Ageing in August 2018 to gain new knowledge on living well in our older adult years. The four-day conference covered a special full-day track on “Addressing Inequalities”. The conference saw 1,600 delegates from 75 countries. 

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Goalball: Reflections from Katie

Meet Katie, BRAVE cub reporter, 19 years old and she says more than slightly terrified of turning 20. She joined BRAVE SPACES because of her passion for using education to promote emotional health. A second-year Psychology student at the University of Toronto. She is endlessly fascinated by the rationalities and irrationalities of human behaviour. Her other passions include memes, behavioural economics, and talking about policies.

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Intersectionality and an intersectional approach in Singapore

Here at Brave Spaces, we adopt an “intersectional” approach to social services, research and advocacy. But what do “intersectional” and “intersectionality” mean?

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Working Group Reflections on Women of the Third Age

We kicked off our first working group session for our “Women of the Third Age” project on 10 March, 2018 with lots of ideas and questions, some of which will require further exploration and research.

For us, “Women of the Third Age” not only refer to women in their older years, but also those approaching the Third Age. Through this project, we seek to build greater awareness among women from their 50s on issues, solutions and resources related to ageing.

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Brave Spaces Launches: A Big Brave Thank You!

Brave Spaces welcomed around 50 guests at its inaugural launch event held on 10 March 2018.

We are very heartened by the support shown, and even more encouraged that many among them have offered their diverse expertise to help us grow our humble operations.

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