Women in Action

Goalball: Reflections from Elly

Meet Elly, BRAVE cub reporter, 19 years old and a prospective major in sociology at the National University of Singapore. In volunteering with BRAVE SPACES – she hopes to push for more dialogue on intersectional feminism among youths in Singapore. In her spare time, she enjoys Netflix, poetry and making, she says too many playlists on Spotify.

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Goalball: Reflections from Alicia

For Alicia, 31, a composer and music educator, learning processes and the concept of learning as a whole are intriguing. Alicia was the BRAVE reporter who interviewed Sophia Barkham and Crystal Khoo of the Young Women Touch team at last Sunday’s interaction.

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Goalball: Reflections from Brave Spaces

On 17 June 2018, Brave Spaces was invited by Singapore Young Women’s Touch (YWT) to be present in their first interaction with Goalball Singapore (GS), Singapore’s national goalball team. Goalball is a sport designed for persons with visual impairment.

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